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In 2001, owner-designer Louise Bartlett launched Beatnik Bags - a generation of yoga bags, backpacks, totes, and accessories inspired by the radical self-expression of the Beat movement and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Made from new, recycled and repurposed textiles and jewels, these limited-edition creations boast vibrant prints, rich textures, and serendipitous accents that guarantee a departure from mainstream, mass-produced designs.

Beatnik Bags are proudly made:

- In San Francisco
- Using a variety of found materials from upholsterers, thrift-store jewelry, and other companies' surplus
- In small batches of limited-edition combinations of colors and fabrics to
honor the uniqueness of all who carry them

Our Vision:
We are all responsible for our planet's future and believe in doing what we can, in the time that we have, in the place that we are. We all have the power to change the world and we are inspired to do it creatively, one bag at a time!

2007/2008, Louise Bartlett receives a 1-year mentorship with Carol H. Williams advertising agency to help create a new marketing, branding and advertising campaign.

2006, Louise Bartlett received the Giving Graduate Award from
Women's Initiative for Self Employement for her volunteer work in her community.

2004, Beatnik Bags was a finalist for San Francisco's Most Innovative Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
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Where to Buy Beatnik Bags:
Beatnik Bags are sold in boutiques, yoga studios and health and wellness stores in the U.S. and abroad. To find a shop near you, please view our list of
retail locations.

Organizations and Friends of Beatnik Bags:
Beatnik Bags prizes its partnerships with the local community and friends far and wide who are helping to shape a better tomorrow. We enjoy supporting other
good companies out there doing good things.


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